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We prevent and detect fraud and abuse and promote efficiency and effectiveness of the programs and operations of the City of New Orleans.

OIG Launches Community Info Campaign

Today the New Orleans Office of Inspector General launched a community outreach information campaign to educate citizens about the work of the OIG. Television news viewers can expect to see 30 second spots about the OIG on WWL-TV Channel 4, WUPL, NewsWatch 15 and WVUE-TV Fox-8 from March 6 through March 26. News consumers who prefer online news may encounter 15 second OIG public service announcements.

Anyone driving, walking, biking, or using public transit can see messages from the OIG on bus shelter posters all around the city.

The OIG created its campaign based on results of professional polling to determine opinions of and knowledge about the Office, as well as the ways that New Orleanians prefer to receive information.

The OIG proposed the strategy for the information campaign to engage the community in its work in January 2016. In September, a private foundation paid for polling and production, and in January 2017 it committed funds to purchase broadcast, digital, and bus shelter advertising.


The creative team chose a real New Orleans kitchen in a home in Faubourg St. John as the setting for the video message. Here’s a look behind the scenes of the making of the TV and internet spots.


Working on this project was a great opportunity for me because not only did I have the opportunity to learn about the Office of Inspector General, but I also got to work with a really great team that was dedicated to making sure that more people knew about what the Office did and what it is capable of.
—Devyn Tyler, Actress
I’ve had the honor for three years to shoot and edit videos that tell the success stories of the OIG. I’m proud of the role we played in the production of this community outreach message that really drives home how the OIG helps New Orleanians and saves the City money.
— Lenny Delbert, Sr., PanAm Communications
I looked forward to working on this. This is truly a good and well needed communication. I hope the public wakes up to the importance of the inspector general’s office.
— Jay Weigel, Composer
I agreed to consult on the commercial once I learned about the Office of Inspector General and what it did for our community, and also it was an opportunity to work with a great production staff.
— Deneen Tyler, Owner, Acting Up!
It was an honor to assist the OIG in this project, and to advance honest and ethical government for the people of New Orleans. Social research is the science behind the art of messaging, and understanding how New Orleanians perceive the OIG and how they receive their news is a crucial element of this undertaking.
— James Hartman, James Hartman & Associates
The private funding we secured allows the OIG to tell citizens what we do and invite them to our website to read our reports. We hope once they learn what we’ve found and what we recommend to improve our City they’ll use that information to hold government accountable.
— Paula Pendarvis, OIG Communications Director/TV Campaign Producer