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We prevent and detect fraud and abuse and promote efficiency and effectiveness of the programs and operations of the City of New Orleans.

Fraud Reporting Options

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the City of New Orleans encourages citizens, employees, contractors, and others to report waste, fraud, and abuse involving any individual, partnership, corporation, or organization involved in any financial capacity or official capacity with city government to the OIG (City Code, Sec. 2-1120). To submit a complaint to the OIG, please complete this form:

In some cases, agencies other than the OIG are better suited to investigate these complaints. The following list is intended to provide citizens with information about whom to contact with complaints involving matters outside of the OIG's jurisdiction.


Complaint Type Agency Website/Contact Info



New Orleans Police Department

NOPD Crescent

 (504) 821-2222

Charity Scams

 Federal Trade Commission

FTC Logo


Consumer Disputes

Louisiana Office of the Attorney General

La AG Logo


Contractor Fraud

Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors



Elderly Abuse

Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals

DHH Logo


Housing Fraud

Housing Authority of New Orleans


 (504) 670-3395

Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission

FTC Logo


Insurance Fraud

Louisiana Department of Insurance

LA Insurance Logo

File a complaint:

Report insurance fraud:

Internet Fraud

Internet Crime Complaint Center

IC3 Logo


Judicial Misconduct

Louisiana Supreme Court

LASC logo

 (504) 568-8299

Lawyer Complaints

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board

LADB logo


Mail Fraud

United States Postal Inspection Service

Postal Inspection Service Logo


Mail Theft

United States Postal Service

Office of Inspector General

USP OIG logo


Medicaid Fraud

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

DHH Logo

 1-800-488-2917 (Provider fraud)

 1-888-342-6207 (Recipient fraud)

Medicare Fraud

HHS Office of Inspector General

HHS OIG logo


Police Misconduct

Public Integrity Bureau New Orleans Police Department

NOPD Crescent

(504) 658-6800

Located in: Financial Planning Center

Address: 1340 Poydras St Suite 1900, New Orleans, LA 70112
Police Misconduct

New Orleans Independent Police Monitor

(504) 309-9799

Address: 2714 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119
Public Housing Fraud

HUD Office of Inspector General

HUD OIG logo


Sewage and Water Board Complaints

New Orleans Sewage and Water Board



Social Security Fraud

United States Social Security Administration

SSA Logo

Report Social Security Scams:

Report other Fraud, Waste, and Abuse:

Telephone: 1-800-269-0271 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays