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We prevent and detect fraud and abuse and promote efficiency and effectiveness of the programs and operations of the City of New Orleans.

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Municipal Court Funding

Evaluators reviewed Municipal Court funding between 2008 and 2015 and found that three entities were responsible for funding the Court (City, State, and Court), but the ambiguity of the legal framework failed to delineate clearly each entity’s responsibil ...

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City's Electronic Monitoring Program Administered by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office: Part 1, Budget & Billing

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted an evaluation of the City’s Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) administered by the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO). The objectives of this evaluation were to identify the goals of the EMP ...

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Arrest and Detention Policies for Non-Violent and Traffic Offenses

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) evaluated policies and practices of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (Sheriff), the New Orleans Municipal Court, and the City Attorney’s Office relating to the ...