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The Office of Inspector General completed an investigation concerning an allegation that Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport employees were using the airport’s account number at NAPA auto parts stores to obtain a discount towards the purchase of auto parts for their personal use. The results of this investigation are described in the enclosed Report of Investigation.

The investigation into this matter was predicated on a complaint received from the New Orleans Aviation Board (NOAB) Legal Department.  The NOAB reported that airport fire department employees were using the Airport’s corporate account number at NAPA auto parts stores to purchase auto parts for their personal use in order to take advantage of the discount offered by NAPA to the airport.  Airport management became aware of the issue because a NAPA auto parts store employee had called former Airport Fire Chief Gary Simon Jr. about an auto part that an employee, Shalanda Augillard, had ordered from a NAPA store but forgot to pick it up.  The NOAB also reported that the airport fire department chief mechanic, Ed Powell, had a side business repairing vehicles and used the discount often.  In addition, Powell may have shared the airport’s corporate account number at the NAPA auto parts stores with other airport employees.

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted a performance audit of the New Orleans Aviation Board’s (NOAB) contract payment process. This performance audit was conducted to determine if the NOAB had controls in place to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse related to contract payments and to test whether these controls were operating effectively.
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