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The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted an evaluation of the City’s Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) administered by the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO). The objectives of this evaluation were to identify the goals of the EMP program, identify and assess the program’s performance measures; review the program’s annual budget allocation and expenses; and examine alerts and OPSO responses in April 2013.

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) documented the City’s financial support to the municipal and parish jail system, including budget allocations, City in-kind support, and ad valorem taxes. The report provides a detailed budget picture of the fiscal operations of OPSO and provides information regarding the City’s and OPSO’s respective responsibilities and authorities regarding the New Orleans Jail.

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) followed up on its 2011 report “City of New Orleans Purchasing and Accounts Payable Internal Control Performance Audit.” The purpose of the follow‐up of was to determine if the City implemented corrective actions in response to problems identified in the original report.

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) audited the City’s controls over purchasing and accounts payable. The objective of the audit was to evaluate the adequacy of the City’s internal controls related to budgeting, bids, purchasing, contracts, disbursements, and wire transfer processes. The audit also evaluated the adequacy of access controls for each software program used to process purchases and accounts payable.

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) reviewed Policy Memoranda No. 9(R) and 116(R), which outline the policies for travel and credit card expenses and expense reimbursements to determine whether the policies provided sufficient guidelines for when it would be appropriate to charge for certain expenses.
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