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New Orleans OIG says sheriff wasted $11,000 for unoccupied Mardi Gras hotel rooms  Aubry Killion Investigative Reporter Updated: 6:50 PM CDT Nov 1, 2023 NEW ORLEANS —A bombshell update to a WDSU Investigation. WDSU Investigates first reported Orleans Parish Sheriff Susan Hutson spent more than $18,000 to house high-ranking employees in high-end hotel rooms for Carnival 2023. The report says 90 room nights were paid for. The...

Inspector General subpoenas Orleans Parish Sheriff records on payroll, Carnival security

Author: Mike Perlstein / Eyewitness Investigator Published: 5:29 PM CDT March 30, 2023 Updated: 5:29 PM CDT March 30, 2023 NEW ORLEANS — Amid multiple recent controversies and a management shake-up at the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, another battle is brewing after the city’s Inspector General was forced to issue a subpoena this week for sheriff’s office records that...
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